525 EXC bark busters help!!!

OK, I just bought an 06 525 EXC. Sweet bike :thumbsup: I bought a set of bark busters through a local company and they said that I would need the bar clamps that go with the PRO Taper bars because the bars that come on the KTM's are fatter than normal bars. Well, I tried those clamps and they are still too small. The inner curved portion of the clamp is too small and will not sit flush against the bars. The guy I bought the bark busters from is supposed to check it out in the morning, but I thought I would try here to see if I could get a quick answer. Did KTM make those clamps a special order item that only they make or is there another company that makes them?

Yes to that i would get the fastway i have a set on mine they fit and look great plus they are high quailty

Get the Fastways. :thumbsup:

i just got the original KTM ones im not sure if someone else makes them and KTM stamps them or what! but they fit real neat:)


im pretty sure there is uneversal clamps that will fit , but youl probebly be up for more $$

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