Clutch Help

Ok I know you guys don't like quads but I figure someone may know what the problem is here and I know a few guys that used to be on here have owned one. A friend has a 1987 Suzuki LT230 Quadsport all stock he has owned it since new and not really done much to it. The problem it is having is after it warms up it gets really hard to shift kind of like the clutch isn't fully engaging or something. He has tried adjusting it and it helped maybe a little but still doesn't work correctly. Any idea's? Is the clutch fried or is there something else to try?

I'm not all that familiar with that particular model, but it sounds like either the plates are sticking, the clutch lifter isn't working correctly or the clutch basket is grooved badly. But before I went to tearing into it to have a look, if the oil hasn't been changed recently, change it and see if fresh oil helps ease things a bit, as sometimes old oil will cause shifting to get a little notchy.


What he said. New oil and then if that doesnt fix it then the most likely cause is that the clutch basket is groved. If thats the case take the basket out and file it down so the tangs on the basket are smooth and your clutch will be like new.

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