TE250 and TE450 suspension

What's the consenous on the stock springs and valving, what's the ideal/target weight of the stock springs for each bike?

Does the 450 ride much firmer/stiffer than the 250?

Has anyone revalved their '05 or '06, or had it done?

the deal is that the '05's have had mixed feedback--lots of guys like them stock--many others have had:



Precision Concepts


or others re-valve the forks.

I played with my '05 for 6 months and then took them to RG3 becouse they are close to my house and have done a few of them....and now they feel great.

The '06 models have great forks and theres little need for a re-valve unless you are an AA rider or have some other unusual needs--like going to the Dakar Rallye with 10 gallons of fuel or something...

Thanks Mike,

How about differences between the '06 45mm and the '06 50mm? I'm trying to narrow my choice between the 250 and the 450.

So, Mike, Mike's Sky Ranch is full, damn! Too cold to camp? or are most of 'us' too old to camp? :thumbsup:

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