helmet cam views

I can think of one other place you could mount it.....you'll have to stand the whole ride though.



lol, i kinda asked for that one :thumbsup:

On top of the helmet is best, I like that view. I didnt like the one by the chain, interesting perspective though. Its cool that you tried different stuff. Good work. Who was the band in the vid, kinda cool. I cant really think of any other cool places except maybe turning it around on top of your helmet to shoot behind. Might work, might not.

The different angles cut together was very cool. It made it seem more like an action movie. I did like the chain view. Cut that in with other footage and in really heightens the action. Great job. How about an angle mounted near the bottom of the front fork looking forward?

I don't have a helmet cam so i don't know if you can do this but like right beneath the rear fender like at the end of it or way deep facing out so u see behind you in there, it might me kinda cool

Like Booman said, I like the different action angles, but I like maybe 80% first-person (helmet) and the remaining 20% different angles. Just to mix it up a little. Good job. Very creative. I've been fiddling with a helmet cam also, but don't have enough good footage to post anything yet. Will do in the near future.


I was just messing around and I tried the swingarm view and I had the camera mounted on the side of the skid plate looking at the front wheel and that looked pretty sweet. I love the handlebar cam thats a good shot. If you had the cam under the rear fender when you approached bottoming the rear tire would grab the camera and take it off so Im sure thats not a good location. BTW what kinda helmet cam is that and what lens are you using? I like that fisheye. I run a Hoytech myself.

I got a cheap helemt cam, Its from fry's, its a security cam... its was $60..

Helmet mounted is the best. Rear view would be really cool if you were on a track and hitting jumps. On a trail it is only so-so. The view of your chest protector is not good. Good job.

That was really cool. The swingarm would be awesome in a race. You should try mounting it on the forks. I think that'd be pretty cool

I like the one where the cam is pointed at you.

Good job, I would add backward cam on top of cam if you can have a rider stay up with you on all the jumps. :thumbsup:

Yes the on the helmet is best to watch. But the other views arent for watching constantly, they are for breaking up the monotony of just the helmet.

The chain mounted is sweet. ive never seen one mounted there before...

the shots filmed in the video were on a 60 dllar frys camera? can you show me a link of where to get it, i want to toy arond with one.

What camera do you uses?

cool man. You cool have done a A$$ view, thats when you stick the cam right in you ... lol jk

yes , its at fry's... Its called swann security cam... it comes with a plug for a wall, U have to get a battery pack from radio shack($3) that = 12v.. like 8 AA.. then cut the cord from the cam to the wall plug.. Then hook it up to the battery pack from radio shack with electrical tape..

I think on the top of the helmet was teh best, although, the swing arm was pretty damn cool as well. :thumbsup:

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