help on adjusting shocks for me

i have an 03 yz450. the last guy who owned it hilled climbed and desert raced it. i want to make it perform on turning. the forks are flush with the upper triple clamps ill raise those, but how much? my shock in the back, it is a tall bike. What can i do to the rear shock? ive heard about sag and all that but how does that work? lower or higher? i weight around 158 and am about 5 10' tall. can anyone lead me to a do it yourself page or tell me the best way to set up my bike? i jump at the dunes and scew around a lot but i want to start racing.



I run my forks around 5mm to 10mm above the top clamp, and the shock around 100mm to 102mm of sag depending on the track and conditions. I weigh a little more ( 170lbs) but this would be a good base to start from. The clickers I would try these settings FORKS comp. 10 clicks out, reb. 8 clicks out, SHOCK hi-comp. 1 turn out, low-comp. 10 clicks out, reb. 8 clicks out. These settings would be good to start with. GOOD LUCK!

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