Too loud or what?

Im in the market for an exhaust and I'm pretty set on the FMF megabomb, but as for the muffler my options are consist of the Q2 or the Factory 4.1 w/ a spark arrestor instert. I ride in southern California for the most part and I really have never been sound checked, just checked for the spark arrestor. The only thing keeping me wondering about the 4.1 is fear of looking like a dork with a huge Q2. Is it really that bad and do you think the 4.1 would be too loud for non-track riding?



with the spark arrestor insert it won't be any louder then stock. i think it might even be quieter

If you have to be quiet, the Q2 is the way to go.

The 4.1 system is loud, too loud to choke it down to 96db. With the 4.1 and stock header, it tests about 103db, with the powerbomb / megabomb header it lowers the db's by 1 or 2.

I have a brand new full system for 03-05. Its a Flow(has spark arrestor) Formally Noleen for $300 plus shipping. PM me .I have pic I can send.

The only three mufflers that will pass the California 96db sound requirement are the FMF Q2, White Brothers E2 and the Pro Circuit 496. I would pass on the FMF 4.1, it won't pass the 96 db sound test.

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