Gas in Baja

Checking on gas availability in San Juanico (south of El Datil). Any help would be appreciated.



theres a rural style Pemex.

dont forget the lobster burritos...

lots of fisherman--if pemex is closed when ya get in you can buy a few gallons from the locals...

finding the road head for Datil is a bit of a challenge--but well worth it. Much better than the rocky and washed out alternative.

Almost never a worry on gas at Juanico. There are at least 3 "stations" in town. When you enter town and curve left there is Camacho's on your right. Others are a couple streets back.

Hey Bubbagums,

You lucky bastards, bitttttchen! Have a great ride and let us know how your ride went and the gas sitch there.




Thanks for the replys and good info.


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