play in the rear wheel

I just got done replacing the rear wheel bearings. The manuel said there would be some axial play in the wheel. There has to be a 3/8 in of play from left to right. The sprocket is hitting the weld on the swing arm. Any thoughts, or is this normal? Thanks.

Maybe you did not replace them correctly. Is your axle all the way through, and are your chain adjusters adjusted? That would be the first things I would check. 3/8" is huge, and you probably just installed them wrong.

Im not sure how you would end up with 3/8s of play after installing them. They press straight in. Unless you pressed the inner race of the bearing and damaged the bearing. Take it out and see if there is play in the bearings. If there isnt then it is something else.

check your spokes. I had similiar problem. I thought it may be wheel bearings, the spokes were loose instead. good luck.

if it was his spokes, how could the sprocket hit the swingarm???? :bonk: :bonk: :bonk:

Did you get the right bearings???? Sounds like there's huge play between the axle and bearing which would mean wrong sized inner race....

Unless like stated above - it's either :

not tightened yet

not centered with the adjusters

you messed up your bearings as stated

When putting in new bearings, there should be NO play once everything is back together tight...

This thread is nearly 3 years old.

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