Which bike would suit me better?

Hey everybody a mate of mine is trying to conn me into getting a 2 Stroke 125, but i want a 250F... Now he says the 125 will be cheaper to run, and less maintence, is this true? He said you have to change the oil filter ont he 250F every 2 rides and they r like $20 AUD. So i dont know which one to get now Im confused as.

I am 16 and trying to get rid of my CRF230, so i can buy a new bike, with better suspension. The main types of riding i do is Trails, and i like to jump my bike as well. I have never really ridden a 2 stroke before, so it would require alot of learning! So basicly which bike would be better to suit my needs, as basicly a nice Trail/Jumping bike. The 125 or the 250F? and which would be better maintence wise.

I am 5"7 and weigh about 143lbs, i dont want a heavey bike, or else i would probebly get like a XR250, but they seem bluky and heavey.... my 230 i think is a good weight, so any thing lighter is major plus

Thanks everyone :thumbsup:

I think a 250f would be better, thats what I ride and am your size and I do mostly trails with some MX. You can get a stainless steel oil filter for about 40-50 US dollars and you never have to replace it, you just clean it. The four stroke will be more expensive though.

What you mean more expensive? do you mean like to buy or to maintain... what is involved in maintaining a 250F? Can some people post what they do to there bike to keep it in good nic?

Sorry, but you sound like the perfect candidate for the 125... the YZ125 :bonk::thumbsup:

Sorry, but you sound like the perfect candidate for the 125... the YZ125 :bonk::thumbsup:

Ha why would you say a 125 over the 250F, im used to 4 strokes :S now you have just confused the hell outta me, why you say the 125?

The 250F will be more expensive to buy and you'll have to do more maintenance such as oil changes and valve clearance checks, but if you can handle that, then you'd probably like the 250F better.

A 250F will have a much different type of power than your 230, but a 125 requires a completely different riding style that emphasizes being very smooth, carrying momentum and keeping the RPM in the sweet spot. On a 4-stroke, the torque will help minimize any bobbles you make and get you back up to speed without much effort.

Hmm my mechanic skills are basicly nothing, i dont even know what a "valve clearance checks" is. is it hard to do :S The only thing i do to my crf is, air filter, and change the oil. What would be involved with working on the 125 in comparrasion to the 250F, and i can ride my CRF pretty good, im liking the power and just getting good at it, but the suspension is really annoying, so im thinking new bike.

i think you would be much more suited to the 250f, you would adapt better to it, you will find it is a lot easier to become confident on, as for maintenance some people dont know how much they actually have to do to keep a 2 stroke running well, when i had a 125 i cleaned the air filter after every three rides, transmission oil after every 3 months, rebuild every six months, and that is only a taste, what i am trying to say is any of those bikes are high maintenance. Or you could just get the suspension done on your 230, :thumbsup:

What is required to do on a 250F :S :thumbsup:

What do most people do to there 250F?

250F, youl learn the upkeep pretty fast:) and it would be more suited for what you want.

$20 bucks for an oil filter, your mates being ripped off wherever he's buying his parts from!

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