Need a New Headpipe

I smashed my stock headpipe and I need another one, I have a Yoshi Comp slip on so I need a headpipe that is stock or anotherone that will fit the Yoshi pipe. I cant aford to buy a new one, so I am looking for a used one, it could be stock or anything else that fits. Does anyone have one or could you tell me where to find one, already checked Ebay, thanks.

I just installed a PC T4 ,I have a complete stock system ? only about 5 to 6 hrs

How much do you want for it, all I really need is the header, but if I can get the complete system cheap I wold take it

I will look into it ,not sure how much they are new,I might sell just the header ,I will find out today what a fair price would be :thumbsup:

u can buy complete exhaust systems (stock) on ebay for around 20 - 60 bucks...i sold mine for 45$ on ebay

Item number: 4607669165 on ebay with 4 days left, no reserve , its at .10 cents plus $20.00 shipping right now, good luck

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