Project bike recommendations?

This is more of a General forum question, but I trust you guys in here more. :bonk:

I've only just started working on bikes. With the help of a friend and another guy I know, I've done work on the wheels, forks, brakes, carb, and have had the valve cover off, replaced the cam chain, primary nut fix, replaced clutch basket and plates, replaced the sprockets.

My son and I just re-jetted his carb all by ourselves and the bike didn't blow up! :thumbsup: He's starting to get into both riding and maintaining his bike. We both have a LOT to learn.

So what bike would make a good project for us to learn on? Something cheap to buy, easy to get parts for (cheap), and fun to play with when we're done?


I always wanted to restore a 75 Elsinore MR 50. It was my first bike and I have been looking for a decent one for a couple of years. My next choice would be a down piped XR75.

You can most likely but a ragged out 125 2-stroke cheap. I love my DRZ but we all still have a soft spot for the old familiar sound and smell. I love the smell of Pre-mix in the morning.Parts are cheap and easy to find. Simple engines with less moving parts.

My first engine build was on a Honda Odyssey(dune buggy looking thing) 300cc I think. I did the top end and carb. with a screwdriver and adj. wrench. Heard unending crap from my buddy when it would not turn over. After 2 hours of feeling like chit. I pulled the rope 1 more time ,it fired right up and ran great ,until I crashed this guys YZ125 and had to sell the Odyssey to buy the wrecked YZ. Turns out that I used so much lube when I refit the cyl. that it sat on top of the piston and would not let it go past TDC. I was 16

Sorry for the ramble. Just remembering good old times

Me personally...I would consider finding a modern bike that has been wrecked and buy it cheap from the insurance company...and do a frame up resto-mod on it. The resale of the finished product after completion might even produce a profit.

If you think I'm nuts...remember what Burned's first DRZ looked like when he got it?

I say an early to late 70's SOHC Honda CB750, they are awesome. Cheap, can do alot to 'em, and did I mention they were the original Superbike? This is the bike that put the Brits out of business. Also, I think they are one of the best looking bikes as a cafe racer.

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