Installed 2006 oil filter according to manual. BAD!

I DID IT! I DID IT! Damnit, I did it. The first step is to admit it. Right? Here's how I killed my engine with a fresh oil and filter change after break in ride.

I intalled the filter according to the manual, added 1.35L BelRay Thumper oil, went to sand track (International Raceway in Warner Robbins, GA) and the engine died in about 2 minutes. Then it refired! Alright! Must have been an anomaly. Oops, died again. Refired! Have friend ride. Dies again. This time, feels like the compression has increased (read: piston seizing in jug). Won't light up. Dang. Confess to wife that brand new bike is dead. She takes it surprisingly well.

Back to dealer. I am informed the manual is incorrect and Kawasaki will be covering the repair. Thank you Mountain Adventures, in Conyers, GA, for taking care of me, even though I was a DA for following this poorly edited owner's manual. What a cool place (Mountain Adventures is not a sponsor, but they sure treat me like I have a full scholarship).

Kawasaki needs a new Japanese-English translator.

I still feel like a DA (read: dumbass).


Thats good news!!!! :thumbsup: BTW one thing I learned at the bike shop when you take somthing apart. 1 Do it slowly 2 Remember how it came apart & take your time ,hope you are :bonk: soon!!!

That really sucks guy. I im a big yamaha fan and i still feel bad for you. I had that happen to me when i got a new bike 1 time and its the worst feeling in the world. good luck

What did the manual say compared to what should have been done?

MikeyXX: The manual says to install the filter backwards.

Crizzow: That is a total bummer, but at least you will have a fresh new bike compliments of Kawi. Also, your wife must be a good sport :thumbsup:

Big :thumbsup: to kawasaki for taking care of you :bonk:

Kawasaki has pretty good Customer service compared to the other branks :thumbsup:

I just received a new manual from Kawi...haven't read it yet...said in the letter it was because of how to change oil

Dealer just called. Timing was off one tooth.

It ran OK on the break in ride but I was not that impressed. Should really run strong now.

Dealer just called. Timing was off one tooth.

It ran OK on the break in ride but I was not that impressed. Should really run strong now.

this doesnt excuse you from not paying attention while changing your oil filter.

did you think the filter you took out was installed backwards from the factory? all the while the bike runs fine. then you read in the manual that it goes the other way while changing the filter during break in. use your head man. sorry dude i had to get it out.

by the way if i bought a bike from a dealer and then they told me the timing was one tooth off from the factory i'd be gettin a new bike. i doubt seriously your timing was off though. you had better check it now though who knows maybe the knucklehead at the dealer put it back together a tooth off. if you are without a bike for awhile you will know why they are getting you another one. sorry bro still venting.

did my oil and filter today. i have done it before, and im a mechanic, i know what im doing. but i was curious as to what the manual told me to do. some times they say alot of un needed confusing jiberish. and low and behold, it told me to put the filter in with the grommet facing the oil filter cover. which is backwards. haha. i had a chuckle. i had recieved my new manual from kawasaki but wasnt sure what the amendment was. now i know.

i put my filter in backwards and my piston flipped causing about £700 (im from the UK) worth of damage, its still not fixed. as i am from the UK, will i still have a chance of getting compensation from Kawasaki?? and how do i go about getting the new manual??



im not sure about kawasaki, but at my place of business, for any warranty work to be done, the damage has to be deemed a result of faulty parts or workmanship by a mechanic in the shop. i.e. if someone was to sease an engine, then tear it apart themself, and bring in a bucket of pieces, we would not service that bike under warranty. as you have got a price on repair, i assume you have had it at a shop, or atleast cosulted a shop? for best results from the kawasaki warranty department, i would stop all work on the bike and take it to a kawasaki shop. with the manual that tells you to put it in backwards. as the fault is kawasaki`s (incorrect service information) im sure the shop will help you fix your moto asap.

also if you bought the bike brand new they should send you a new manual on their own accord. i got mine.

its basically very nearly fixed, being put back together as i type this by a friend/mechanic...

are all manuals the same e.g. english/american

Spoke to dealer--one of the cams spun when the top end tried to seize up.

Kawasaki is covering all of this, by the way. I'm pleased. Not bitter.

To the venter: The manual showed the pic of the filter, with the wording on the grommet side, that matched with the filter itself. When in doubt, follow the manual. For all I know, that filter could have applications for multiple bikes. Continue venting.

if i had my manual here id love to check it!!! shame i dont! i shall be ringing kawasaki tomorrow as soon as i wake up! the only thing im worried about is my bike is an import :thumbsup:

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