yz muffler on wr WOW!!!

got a new yz take off muffler from a friend , and put it on the wr , wow what a difference!!!! a tad loud but very noticable gain and weighs 7 lb, stock is 9 lb. had to use 170 main jet and turned air srew out a bit. i have another new stock yz muffler has abouut 1 hour on it, will take 100 bucks shipped for it. pm me or email at elm327@msn.com. my buddy races the yz450 and got 2 new bikes this season and has fmf as a sponser so no need for the stockers.

Throw one of his FMF pipes on your bike and you will be even more amazed!

Are they '05 or '06 mufflers?

Pm'd you

i also have a stock pipe for a yz400f if ne body wants it i have no use for it make me an offer.

Does anyone know if the 2006 YZ muffler will fit the 2005 WR?

I have a stock header/pipe from an 02 WR426 if anyone wants it. just PM me with an offer.

i have a 04 titanium stock yz muffler on my 98wr400. i absolutely love it. waaaay lighter than the fmf i had on there and better lowend too. phenomenal and cheap cheap cheap.

Ok wait...the 04 can fit on the 98? Any mods needed?

if the 04 stock is for the wr450,

i dont tink it'll be good,

a fren got it but have trouble jetting it,


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