Rode the South Hills OHV in Billings today

Hit Jeep trail just after two....the hills are really nice right now. Not to dusty and not hard. Traction was good and the trails were pretty fresh with not alot of riding going on out there. We only saw 5-6 other riders all afternoon, and two of them were not climbing, just trail riding. I even crested some hills I hadnt conquered before :bonk::thumbsup:

hey black and blue. i used to live in billings and road south hills all the time. what a blast. when i left about 17 yrs. ago houses were being built around the back, how is it now? had an xr500 at the time. kicked a** on the hill climbs. the 500 might still be out there somewere. i,ve got an 86 xr600r now that i have been working on. it has a TON of power with the mods. tim

There are houses on the backside, and the golf course, but prolly not alot different than you remember. It is a fun place to go when you just want to go all out, isnt it. I was riding with a buddy that has an 83 or 84 TT 600. He can top damn near any hill out there on that old bugger. He was rippin em up on my new YZ, it was awesome. I am getting better, but I cant hold a candle to some of those guys. Hopefully you can come back and go climbing some time. Later, BnB.

pics, pics BnB!

Later on

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