Some Before and After pics!

So its not a full on restoration because i plan on riding the bejeebers out of it this summer. amazing though what you can do with some bits and pieces and a couple of cans of paint!

This + This = THIS!!



and one more...

Looks better, what else are you planning to do to it.

not much cosmetically- i still need a new air filter and clutch. depending on how i like it, i may get a new seat cover and the tank stickers and put the silver front wheel on it. just got it started last night and it seems to run pretty good, other than the clutch whining it should be good to go. we'll see if i like it, but i think it'll fit me a little better than the xl 250. specially since the 250 is sposed to be part of the "collection" .

Looks better, what else are you planning to do to it.

He is going to try and keep up with me on rides!

ha ha. like that would EVER happen. i need a cr500afx for that!

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