LSD is now available online

what the hell??

I dont know where you got the idea it was trippin on lsd....but the video was cool.

only in Missouri, people trip on acid and watch badass chinies videos!

thats a pretty cool video

Somebody talk me down please.

Somebody talk me down please.

It's going to be okay. Think of fairies and happy midgets. Do NOT watch the Exorcist. You'll come down in another hour or so :thumbsup: .

I think I met her at a party in 11th grade

that was a cool video, but it got realy boring fast.

I think I met that chick at a Greatful Dead concert back in 1979.....Whew...what a rush. :thumbsup:

that was a cool video, but it got realy boring fast.

i had fun trying to figure how many girls there were.... i think 21

it made my eyes hurt

How many books can I print?

thats just fricken wierd

Time to consult the stash box... :thumbsup:

Hahahaha I'm a Sci-Fi fan and I can hear a scene from Star Gate SG1 as they gate to a new world and see something really weird and Teal'c says

"Oneil I think we should go back through the star gate........ QUICKLY!" hahaha

Man that was a trip to watch!


cool video,

Gonna watch that again. Dang where did I leave my bong?

That's pretty cool. Put her on a bike.

&%$#@! i dont' want to watch it and never sleep again. what is it?????

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