What is considered a trail bike in 2006?

I have a 1996 Honda XR250R and love it however I know it won't last forever and was wondering what bikes made today are considered good trail bikes. I do not ride on a track only in the woods mostly single track. I have a subscription to Dirt Rider magazine and all the articles covering new bikes refer to them being used on a MX track. So what new bikes are considered great trail bikes?

Get a wr250f.

Yamaha WR's, Honda CRF-X, are the big ones. There are a few others, but the WR tops my list.

CRF450X, I have one and love it! Zero problems and it's a Honda. I highly recommend one.

Eh Go with the WR450... less 'valve' problems (i think that's what 4 strokes have?)

KTM 400,450 or 525 EXC.

Headlight, tail light, happy button and valves that can be checked in under an hour with basic tools.

The new Husky enduro bikes should cover all your bases too.

Street legal is also a nice thing. DRZ 400s

I'll put in a good word for the TTR250...Yamaha's version of the XR. :thumbsup:

Keep what you have. Peer presure is an ugly thing.

A 280 kit and updated suspension will keep you happy for a long while. In super-tight, snotty, technical trails - you already have one of the premier bikes for handling & durability. :thumbsup:

When I was in highschool, I had a friend that rode a Honda CB350 offroad ! :thumbsup: ,

those were the day's, all the new bike's are good,

CRFX's, WR's, KTM EXC, XCW, XC, Huskies. These bikes all come with green stickers, which means you can ride them year round. You can also get a KTM 2 stroke xc-w or xc that are trail bikes or even a kdx200 but those haven't been updated in a long time. No green stickers for the 2 strokes.

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