Louisiana anyone?

I live in Lake Charles and was wondering if anyone on here lives near me? I really love riding and wish to meet people to ride with.

I Live in Lousiana but on the Other End of the state in New Orleans. I thinking about picking up a more Dirt Oriented Machine in the future (My XRL is Supermoto'd), an extra set of rims/tires would allow me to ride the L off road but I suck and need a smaller lighter bike I can more easily handle off road. The XRL in SUper Moto form is Perfect for the streets here though!

I live in Denham Springs (east of Baton Rouge). My buddy Steve and I just put 250 miles on our bikes joyriding up into Mississippi and back yesterday. He rides a Goldwing-gone-bobber or a motarded XL500. I ride a DRZ-SM.

I want to find a good place to jump and work into some distance, but all I have to work with is my 1 acre or go to an MX track. I also commute on the bike daily.....rain or shine!

Welcome aboard!

I'm in east Texas (Tyler) and ride near forest hill sometimes

I am going to the spillway tomorrow if anyone wants to go!

I'm in Groves, TX. South of Beaumont. We need more places to ride around here. What's the spillway??

It is near New Orleans. It is kinda far for you. There are closer places like Camp Clabourne or Forrest hill and the Sand Dunes!

I ride the spillway sometimes because we live in New Orleans, but it is pretty limited since they closed all the trails in area 2. We got out to Down South MX in New Iberia(near Lafayette) on Saturday and had a blast, a little slippery in some spots but a good time. We'll probably be hitting one of the local tracks again this weekend, maybe Holeshot or Zman.

Where is that? IF you don't mind I would like to go.

Rev- Keep me posted about this weekend. I might just have Cameron Knieval with me on his TTR if the track isn't overly sloppy.


Med, Always great to have more riders out there. Holeshot is in Loranger, LA and Z-man's is next to Donaldsonvilie, LA. You can check my site www.cajunmx.com and it will have links for info to both tracks on the motocross page.

Dirty, sounds good. How's mr Knievel doing? Starting to tear it up? :thumbsup:

When I visited La, I got to ride R/E, Down South (raced rd 1), Holeshot and Zman's. Nice tracks, nice area but mostly....nice people!

Med, it looks like we'll be heading out to Holeshot on Saturday and it looks like a pretty big group, hope you make it out there. My garage has a pic of my bike so you can find us.

Dirty we'll see you and Frenchy out there.

NYMXer, yeah those are a couple of fun tracks and the SSR is a good bunch to ride with.

Looks like there might be some storms passing through. If they get rain make sure you call before you haul and find out the track conditions. Holeshot # 225-202-5908

All the tracks were closed....SHAME!!!!! We ended up at the Spillway...muddy wet fun!!!!

Anyway, today, sunday 12th I m going to the Holeshot....it s open for pratice , no rain yesterday...

A few riders are heading there as well.....The track opens at 10am till dark....

See you out there :thumbsup:

Man I had to work today! I am off this weekend though so It is ON!

sounds good med, i will be going to Holeshot this w/e....probably as well on tuesday night and thursday night.....need to see my work schedule...

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