help me see the way

I'm D.S. my 2004 e I've done several searches can fine an answer.

hers the question my headlight has only two leads pos neg to get the high beam do i have to change out the whole assembly or just the bulb? :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

50 people have read this post, yet no one has responded. I don't really know what your trying to do. Is it broke? Are you trying some modification? Don't forget to hit the spell check when you post. It helps me. :thumbsup:

Not that I can answer your question, but can you even make a 2004 E street legal in Cali?

You do not have to get a new bulb or anything. It has the same light as the S. It should have high and low beam just the high beam hot wire is not hooked up. Just run a switch and a hot wire to the bulb prong that is not hooked up and that should be it. Thats how it was when doing my 05 E.

thanks strollerking i see now.

You can't get a plate for your '04 E in California. Go read the long redundant threads over in the general forum and call ain't gonna happen.

There are tons of threads about registering in CA over in the dual sport area. It seems like the area of CA your in makes a difference. I actually got very lucky and got a plate for my 04 E just a couple months ago, in San Diego, so its not impossible, but it might take some luck.

There are loopholes...and then when they rerun your vin in a few years, a red sticker will show up and no registration. I guarantee he can get that E plated if he follow what those posts say, but I also guarantee that at some point in the future, it will get revoked.

On the other hand, I guess it doesn't hurt to have fun while it lasts. :thumbsup:

guy don't worry about me dual sporting my bike,if California doesn't want my money I have family in NV, AZ, LA and I bet anyone of this states will be willing to take it.

GOT TO LOVE CALIFORNIA funny thing is I'll never leave.

and then when they rerun your vin in a few years, a red sticker will show up and no registration. :

Its a green sticker bike. :thumbsup:

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