XR80 Front Tire

Since the XR80 and the CFR80 have an odd front tire size of 16", what different brand of tires are available and where do you get one besides the dealer? I don't see this size of tire in the motorcycle advertisements.

unfortunatly, irc and Ching chen (or whatever it's called) are about the only makers for the 16" front. And they both SUCK!!! It's like not even have a tire. Tonight I just switched to a 17" front wheel so I can run a decent tire.

From a slightly different perspective, I believe the stock tire works OK for the type of easy kids trail riding that the bike was designed for. The only problems I have ever had with stock tire is it will very easily spin on the rim due to air pressure that is too low and it is not at all resistant to thorns. One nice thing about the stock front tire is that you can pull it off and back on very easily when you do need repairs. For the little kids on stock bikes avoid substituting anything that is much larger in cross section for either front or rear because of extra weight and too much traction. For many little kids whenever they can out ride the stock rubber they are often ready for a bigger bike.

To socalxr, no disrespect intended, but I get along fine with stock power, suspension, noise, and rubber.

I have a Kenda front which actually works well.

Old Turtle is exactly right, I was thinking from an adult with a 120 motor that races point of view. I forget sometimes that these are kid bikes.

RBracing, which Kenda tires fit?

RBracing, which Kenda tires fit?

I believe it's a K2570 3.00x16 4/5 knobby pattern.

I ordered the matching rear but it was too low profile that's why I went with a Chen Shin on the rear seems to work though, have them studded up for ice right now.


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