Valve Clearances for DR-Z125L K5

Hi All,

I have completed a search of past discussions and noted valve clearances listed for this bike as .005 Intake and .007 Exhaust.

Would someone please let me know if these settings are adjusted when the motor is hot or cold.

Secondly, are they checked like other four strokes when the piston is at Top Dead Centre.

Thirdly, how do I know which one is the intake valve and which is the exhaust valve.

Thanks for your understanding guys, I'm new to the motorbike mechanic scene.



I can answer #3.

The valve on the carb side is intake. The valve on the pipe side is exhaust.


Thanks for the reply, I know where to start now.

Have a nice day.


yes on TDC... yes, engine cold, to fill in the other two questions

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