Installing Takegawa Big Bore (got ???s)

Ok I just completed the installation of my 88cc takegawa s series big bore kit, and I gotta cpl questons. Do I take all the smog stuff off now? if so what do I do with the line to the crankcase? And the kit came with 2 manifold gaskets but the carb has an o ring on it . Do I still use the gasket or not. Just one more , what jet are most of you guys using with this kit? It comes with an 85 and a 92. Imin the mtns of NC. Thanks again

try a search next time :thumbsup:

leave the box and the hose that connects it to the case. i would get a filter for it.

oring, no gasket.

high altitude id guess the 85 will be better. you will find out.

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