Ford X-Plan

Anyone have a Ford X-Plan Pin you want to lay on me? :thumbsup:

What's the Ford X-Plan? New car?

Sorry not sure you can do that : A ford X plane is a deal for ppl who work for a company that has Ford's as there fleet vehicle's & give the employee a speacial deal on the price of there cars & trucks.

Anyone have a Ford X-Plan Pin you want to lay on me? :bonk:

I would run you one but I doubt if it would work. I can have 2 deals/ year.

I am pretty sure that it has to be purchased in my name..

It is a good plan BTW. I saved $9000 off my F350. :thumbsup:

Ford employees can give out x plan pins to friends and family, this can be anyone basically. I have purchased my last 4 trucks using the x plan. I dont remember the site address, but the blue oval news website is a great place to get them, alot of ford employees read that board. I think it is, but not sure.

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