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110/90 19 inch 1.85 rim findings

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i have tryed 2 differant tyres on 19 1.85 rim the 2 r maxxis 110/90 IT bridgestone m402 110/90 it has me baffled how they quote sizes and profiles check maxxis and bridgestone web sites they r diffrent widths ! 4 same size tyre any way i found the maxxis 2 not fit correctly the side knobs dont look correct they seem to be pulled down towards rim it is also narrower it is ment 2 b about 5 inchs it is about 4.8 inches it is also much higher profile (should b 9mm higher than 100/90)it much more as 4 the bridgestone it fits well and the width is very close to 5.2 inchs and the height is a little higher than d756 100/19 theses tyres r ment 2 b fitted on a 2.15 rim conclusion the bridgestone is the best fit on a 1.85 rim

does any one know how they really quote sizes as far as i know the 110 is the width 110mm and the 90 height is 90% of width 99mm none of these tyres measure this

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