Feb. 5th ride

I know it's super bowl sunday, but is anyone up for a trip to Pax? ( I know Robbie is in)


YEP im in for the ride :thumbsup:

Newbie Here....where's pax?

03 YZ250F

Mike :thumbsup:

It's a little north of Daytona, exit 291 ( i think). www.paxtraxmx.com is the link.

hey Carl being that pax has a races going on all weekend did you have any other plans to go riding ? I know in the other topic some are talking about going to quick track but thats on Saturday and I cant make that one. Were gonna do a family day and go to sea world or gator land that day. lemme know whatca want to do. Maybe ill just take the weekend off from riding and take Ryan to the winter ams at bithlo on Sunday

I'm up for any riding on sunday. The winter ams would be fun to watch. (still going to cost at least 20 to get in) :thumbsup:

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