Please HELP!!!

I have just sold my 2000 YZ426F and have been looking for a new bike. I mostly trail ride with my bros and ride with my young kids and have been looking at the 05 KTM 450MXC and like it, but have not rode it yet. Everyone I ride with has a diff. bike which is nice, but they say CRF450,KX450F and stay away from the KTM. I have not heard anything bad about any of these bikes so I need some help.....go.

If you're doing trail riding, what was wrong with the 426, if you don't mind me asking? I think they're all good. Me personally, I'd go for the CRF450 or the YZF 450. Heard good things about all of them. No reason to stay away from the KTM except for they're expensive and dealers are hard to come buy, at least around here.

Welcome to TT! You might think this is a biased opinion, but i'd say go with the YZF450 - you'll love it and it requires less 'fixing' than other 450's - Also consider the two strokes! (YZ preferably) :thumbsup:

Nothing wrong with the 426, a buddy of mine wanted to start riding and like my bike and I was kinda want a new one...so here I am. I can get a new 05 450MXC $6200.00 otd

You will love that bike....and that's a damn good price. If it's an 05 or 06. What year is it? Just make sure you can get parts for it pretty easily. Not saying they break easy, but when they do, you need to have a dealer close by.

Nevermind.....I didn't see the year :thumbsup: . Great bikes. Especially for trails.

Yah, great price thats one of the reasons I was considering, the second reason is everyone I ride with doesn't have one so its kinda something new. just wondering if I should look at all of them.

Do NOT let them tell you they're not good bikes. Look at it this way. I love most Japanese manufactured bikes. But, let's say.....Yam/kaw/suz/honda are like civics......then you have KTM's.....those are like BMW's. See what I mean? They are built far better with much more precise crafting and stronger parts. Excellent bikes. My next bike is either A)'06 YZF450 or B)'06 KTM450XS. Have a blast with it. Don't let anyone tell you they suck. Pumpky bikes rock!! :thumbsup: Oh yeah.....welcome to TT!!

I've heard all good things about them. Do they still have linkageless rear suspension? That would mean less maintanence. :thumbsup:

Check out the Gas Gas FSE450. You won't find a nicer bike, IMO.

YZF 450 great bike but for trail riding the 4 speed might kinda suck, The KTM has the magic button :thumbsup:

I have an 04 450 MXC and it is really a good bike , change oil every third ride and filters every 3 oil changes, the EXC,MXC are pretty bullet proof

Good luck!

And look at the Husky TE-450 / 510. They come with plates !

I can't speak for the MXC but I have the KTM 400EXC and I'm very happy with it. I had a Husky before that and a Yamaha YZ250 before that.

The Husky and KTM were definitely built better with top of the line parts to start with. As far as parts, they are no more expensive than Japanese bike parts and they are **MUCH EASIER TO GET** if you have a decent dealer. I've never waited more than (2) days for a KTM part but waited 45+ days for parts on my son's KLX110 and 30+ days on my wife's Suzuki.

My answer would be that if you have a good dealer to deal with, get a KTM. This bike has ran perfect from day 1. The dealer set it up for me as far as jetting, etc...and it's been flawless. I've never had to even use the choke once to start it up...EVER!!! I can't say that with any other bike I've owned.

The one downside to the KTM is that even though it weighs the same as other bikes, it "feels" heavier when zipping around on the tight stuff.

I also had a 2000 426 set up or the woods and sold it last fall and bought a 2005 525exc. I loved the yzf but the 525 rocks. Electric start,lights,kickstand and its almost impossible to stall. You can lug it down real low or hang on and let it rip. So far this is the best offroad bike I have ridden.

Check out the Gas Gas FSE450. You won't find a nicer bike, IMO.

The aprilla twin 450 is pretty nice too...

but unfortunately not everyone can afford them :thumbsup:

ktms are sweet bikes nothing to stay away from, i would go for the yzf or the crf. the kf450f is a really sweet bike but it is only a four speed wich isint bad but they are more for racing i dont think that the four speed would be very good on the trails.

Just rode a '04 450SX a few weeks ago, I popped my KTM cherry. It felt like it pushed in the corners, motor was really smooth it just kept pulling. I was tripped out since the owner had put an auto-clutch on it. I liked the lighter feel over my 04 YZ450. I'm not sure if I would buy one just yet, however from what I've read and heard they are very well built.

I just bought my first KTM, a 450 XC, and I'm hooked. It's a MUCH better trail bike than a 450 MX'er, as the power is smoother, you have much wider gear ratio choices, and the kickstand/e-start are nice. It feels barely heavier than a 450 MX'er, and is less tiring due to the smoother power delivery.

Like others have said, the quality of componentry is sig. higher than on Japanese bikes, and they're so easy to work on (yay for the valve adj. procedure - it's so much easier than w/ shims!).

I cant believe noone has recomended the Yamah WR450F, it can be easily tuned to be every bit as potent as the YZ and the relieablity is second to none but it also includes a wide ratio 5 speed and lighting.

I don't know much about the ktm's but i ride a yzf450 and my son rides a crf450 we like both bikes i like the yzf better it seems to have lees problems with it.My son has already had to do a valve job on it my yzf still runs Strong as ever so either bike would be good one

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