KLX110 160cc big bore question

Anyone know anything about these as far as performance goes? I'm curious what kind of horsepower they put out. I was about to build up an XR70 with a TB117cc kit, but might just get a KLX and go that route if the kits are that good.

The price is definately right for something that comes with a piston kit AND the cylinder!

160 big bore

the price seems cheap but you still need a head to match I believe.

the stock head is a little choking. You may want to get the kitaco 143SE kit. Comes with everything except a pipe and carb.

It has a cam, ported complete head (valves,springs, etc.), cynlinder, piston, and gaskets. So all you need is a pipe, carb, and manual clutch.

Sounds if you are looking for a little more budget then there is a 143 kit that does not require the boring of your cases. With a cam and the 143 kit the price is like 375 or something.

Retail on the 160 kit is like 300$, why is that when the 143 is so much more. i bought my 110 with a kit in it, would it be wise to get a 160 kit and thats it? I can get a bigger carb, but do not want to spend alot of head money. The case mod is cheap. Im not sure what perf it will put out with just the kit. Also with a stroker crank it would be around a 188, is that NOT INSANE for a 110.

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