new or stock stickers

Ive been selling my bike for about 3 weeks and a few guys have a look one block is really into it and he said he will most likely pick it up next week so i went for a goodbye ride and woops a crashed :thumbsup: !!!!!!!!!!!! and it total trashed the stickers on one side and i was gonna buy a new stock crf150 sticker kit but it is more expensive then most after market sticker kits even one ind.. and all that, so I'm thinking witch one to go with and what to tell the guy if i get a different kit??????????

cause your selling it just put the cheapest graphics kit on, then when the guy asks why you did that just say you wanted to make it look as best as you could. :thumbsup:

o yea good idea thanks for that

You should buy stock graphics, escpecally if your selling it.

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