Rear Fender Pack?

Anyone know where I could find a blue one. Looked all over the internet and no luck. I saw that Moose makes a black one but could not locate blue.

Fender packs are annoying. If you are tall ,ride in gnarly Terrain and are an aggressive rider you will hate it. Get a good fanny pack.

Moose used to make a blue one because a buddy of mine has one.

However, I agree with bamster. A good quality, well packed fanny pack is a much better alternative. I had to use a front fender bag onetime in the desert and you should have seen that sumbitch fly off. Startled me so bad I went shooting of course at about mach 2 (ok maybe it just felt that fast). Every tail bag I have ever seen departs the bike or disgorges it's contents at some point in rough riding.


I bought a rear fenderbag from IMO it is a way better bag than a Moose. Mine is black, but if you call them up, you may be able to get him to sew you a blue one. It is a small enough company that I'd bet he would. Anyhow, the bag is tough as nails, and holds everything I've got in it very securely, and I rarely notice it. But then again, I'm 6'3, so maybe that helps. I'd much rather have the weight of my tools off of my body and let the bike carry it. He makes what looks to be a pretty cool fanny-pack too, so you might check that out. :thumbsup:

I had a blue rear fender bag on my old XR. I forgot to zip it shut one time...

I now have a blue tool wrap (Moose) on the back fender. I feel it in rough terrain sometimes, but it's not too bad--I'm not that aggressive anyway. It is easy to check, and is held on with two straps. It doesn't move a bit and holds all my wrenches nicely, and more important--the weight is off me and out of my fanny pack.

Anyone have a PMB luggage rack they want to sell?

I forgot to add--try a front number plate bag from Cycoactive. It works really nice for lots of stuff like camera and cell phone.

Anyone know where I could find a blue one. Looked all over the internet and no luck. I saw that Moose makes a black one but could not locate blue.

I have the Moose blue one (see the picture of my bike in the garage) and its available from Dennis Kirk, Cycle Gear. Its actually made by Chase Harper. They are nice. Get a Moose toop wrap for your tools, otherwise, they will rattle around and wear it out from the inside.

thanks for all the info, Dennis Kirk no longer has the blue fender back. I checked. Guess I'll have to go with the black one

I had one and it fell apart my first ride. Don't use one anymore.

Funny-I had a little back pack and hated it- went to a good fanny pack and it never made it to a real trail. I offed it to my nephew after one 20 min ride. Now I have the moose fender pack. I'm really happy with mine<

I have the blue moose fender pack that i bought 5 yrs ago. Its been through 3 bike a nd thousands of trails. Never lost one think except when someone else needed something and never replaced it. :thumbsup: I have been looking everywhere for the same one and its obsolete. Moose has a new fender pack that looks like it might work but cannot tell from pictures.

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