CHM Exhaust

Anyone got any ride time with CHM exhausts? Wondering what and where the performance gains are. Seems like a great price.

Hey... There are a few posts in here about them. The price is SUPER cheap for sure ... However, you would need to find those other posts to see what the riders had to say about them.

I run the chm system on my yfz-450 & my sons crf-450 we love the the realy pick up the lower end on my sons bike as for my yfz it help from low end all the way to top end.

I have the original CHM system, not an Ovate design, on my 2003 450 CRF and that pipe is amazing. The only downfall, it is very loud, even with the so called quiet core insert, I pass 98db with the core. The Ovate is suppossed to be quieter. I would buy another CHM in a second but sound issues are steering me away. Excellent fit and finish and Scott Dixon (??? on his name) is very helpful from CHM.

Nothing but good to say about the CHM system. It IS LOUD, but I can't tell its louder than the PC or Yoshi. Both those ring the bells also.

I have the CHM system and I think its great. I can say that by seat of the pants it has a all the way through improvment. Its a excellant pipe in my mind.

Its also quieter than stock by quite a bit.

The guy that sells them on ebay has them for the 06 now, But they are $300 for 06 and $150 for 04 and 05.

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