BIke Hard to Stear

I had my bike on the stand and the bars are alot harder to turn than normal,

What would cause this, bearing going bad? I rode last weekend end didnt really notice it, but its bugging me because its there and not like it should be. WHen i turn the bars it just seems tighter than normal.

Sounds like you'll be taking the stem apart and re-greasing or replacing the bearings. Most folks do this when it's new, because Yamaha is stingy with the grease. Check the faq for a nice set of instructions.

I had to do replace my steering stem bearing awhile back and unless you have the right tools be prepared to spend a little time with. It sure feels nice now though

I experienced the same thing with my bike where it got hard to turn the bars on the stand but it was fine when i rode. I suggest you replace both top and bottom bearings and you should be good. :thumbsup:

if you didn't tear down your bike and make sure everything was nice and greased up when you bought they probably are smoked.

I never did that and when i did it finally 6 months after i bought the bike they were all rusty and blown.

Really easy to do. Just make sure you have the right tools.

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