need help fast, clinton county ohio

Hows it goin' ohio TTr's!!! I NEED SOME HELP PRETTY QUICK. I spoke about moving to ohio. Now it's happening. Fast!!!! I am driving down there sunday 1/28/06 and have to pull my trailer with my bike because the relocation company won't move the bike or the trailer. I can park the trailer in the parking lot where they put me up. >~~~~~PROBLEM~~~~> I need a place to park my DRZ!!! In a secure garage. I'll be buying a house within a month or so so it will only be temporary. Hopefully with some land so I can have a small (DRZ)track maybe woods too for some single track. Anywho, I roll into town (wilmington) sunday afternoon and need a place to park it if anyone in the clinton county area can help me out, I sure would appreciate it. I'll hook you up in some way too!! my email or give me a call at 952 814 8866. only have til friday afternoon to call that number. home is 651 463 2641

I'm about 1 hour from Wilmimgton (northwest of dayton) if you can't find anyone any closer. I'll send you an email with contact info as I'm on the road right now. You might want to try Clinton County Yamaha also. Very good people.

Good Luck.

I appreciate your willingness to help. :bonk: I will be driving right thru there late sunday afternoon, or evening. If you leave your contact info. I'll let you know eitherway. I'll contact you as soon as I have enough information to make a decision. thanks again :thumbsup:

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