KX450F Trail setup

Ok for this thread I would like to know what you or your buddies are running for trail riding on your KX450F not can it be done, What gearing are you running ect. Please state what type of trial/enduro riding you doing(desert, goat ect.)

I tooth down in front, 1-3 teeth up in the rear.

Hey Teamgreen...............your giving advice to a fellow rider on a bike for which you do not own(nor trail ride for that matter).........hummmm

try a 13-49 tooth

13-49 has worked pretty good for a lot of moto stuff so far. I went to a 13-48 for higher speed off-road stuff, really mellowed out the punch for a more comfortable ride. Next try for me will be a 14-51. almost has the same overall ratio as the 13-48 but keeps the chain off of the swingarm and slider. The almighty motor has more than enough power to pull it through tight stuff.

I tooth down in front, 1-3 teeth up in the rear.

1 down on the front = 12

1-3 up on the rear = 51 - 53.

Dude have you seen the African landscape. I want to set up for trail riding not mountain climbing. The bike is already a billy goat.


I think your signature is apt - :thumbsup:

I am going to use stock gearing for a while and just adjust my riding style to it. I have an 01 WR426 and it definately has a lower first gear, but most of the time I used 1st on the trails, it was for a very short time and I ending up clutching it alot anyway because 1st still wasn't low enough. I mean when you need to go extreamly slow, just fast enough to keep your balance and still bounch off obsticles, you are going to have to clutch anything. I'm not a trials rider by any means. But the majority of the time on the WR I ride 2nd and third on the trails. The KX450 so far looks like it will be 1st and 2nd on the trails, and you can lug far enough to creep along and then come on strong when you need it. The extreamly slow stuff will still require fanning the clutch but I'm used to that anyway.

I'm used to clutching it, what I'm really after I suppose is what is the correct gearing so that the 4spd box isn't screaming too much, I'd rather have to work a little harder like a 2smoke than to have that mill unhappy - but on that note I have been told that either a 14 - 47/48/50 will do the job I looking for, so I have asked my dealer to throw the sprockets in with the deal, he seemed happy to do it. - I pick up my scoot/crotch rocket tommorrow hopefully. :thumbsup:

Thanks for a useful post though.

Hey Teamgreen...............your giving advice to a fellow rider on a bike for which you do not own(nor trail ride for that matter).........hummmm

Dearest Timmy,

Who has more Time on the #2 bike than ANYONE-ELSE...Tim?

(Hopefully, Todd's changed that issue or will by Sunday :bonk: )

And "What" kind of ridin' did I do then...on that day alone...and...for how long?

Why did I get Todd to get one?

Based on what?

What do I ride at Gorman/L.A. ALL THE TIME!??!

Hint...it's Green...it's OVER 3 months old...it's a 450.

(Thanks and a Special Shout Out to Pete Bothwell, btw :thumbsup: I will do a Super-Mo...someday, Pete!)

Have you ever been with me on the weekends?

Say, in the last few months...especially Sundays...lately Sat-n-Sun. (Ask Todd)

Wonder why I have Exhaust parts for a Model BEFORE you see it on the Show-Room?

When's the last time I "Bought" a Moto-Crosser that you know of?

It was a '98 RM from Craig, BTW.

Since then, most are Favors or Trades for Race-Parts...

Remember WHO pointed out the Air-Box issue on the '06 Twin-Pipe? (And THE FIX!)

How do I know these things?


What do I do for a living?


Why(?) do I have to go to the SX races every weekend lately?


When you see me, let's discuss when I 1st rode a KX-F...o.k.?

And then, we'll talk about what I ride and where.

Who's I ride and where.

Who/Where I keep most of my bikes (SoCal...remember?)

You know, Tim, your Avi is of a Honda; yet, your Screen-Name is a Kawi?

And I'm the one that doesn't know what he's talkin' about...?

BTW...you got a Spark-Plug for the KX450F.....Tim?

Ask Rockatt, or any of the other owners if I've been off just one Iota about this bike...that I've been riding...!!!

Honda guys....Geesh!

BTW, you're right! I don't own the bikes!

CDG does! :thumbsup:

Now...who's CDG, again?

ok i give who are you??????

1 down on the front = 12

1-3 up on the rear = 51 - 53.

Dude have you seen the African landscape. I want to set up for trail riding not mountain climbing. The bike is already a billy goat.


I think your signature is apt - :bonk:

Not everyone lives in the flat and boring.

Sorry that you do.

For most, the issue is makin' 1st lower and the spacing tighter.

I don't know that a 12 is possible; but, I've added in the back and would "Like" to drop one in front, if I can.

If...and that's "If"..it's O.K. with you...and Tim, of-course!

Do you hang-out with Water-Buffalo? :bonk:

As for Top-Speed? aka "Fast-Stuff" :thumbsup:

...I know nothing about it...the BITD stuff I've done was only on a 105mph KX500, so...I'm sure you're the more informed of us; However, you might consider 15-44/45 if you're so fast...

You ride one of those Super-Fast CRF250Xs, too....don't you!

You GO!...Racer-Man!

ok i give who are you??????

Just a guy that makes parts and spends a lot of time on the road! :thumbsup:

See ya at A3!

Hey tee green (must be a health issue )

heard rumours about a 6 speed box for kxf is this true ?

and we in RSA have the sweetest mountain riding and deserts in the world. Seeing that you are on the road so much why dont you evolve and get your behind on a plane and come ride with real men in africa.


come now be a real man and come taste a kx250r with 15 44 gearing down a bush lane with mad cows and donkeys next to the shrub

not california deserts with semi's and ac


Hey Tee Green

I can't help you riding in a patch the size of my garden, I have vast open spaces that we "race" through to get to the technical stuff. That's why the Dakar is held in Europe/Africa and not California I suppose.

Don't get pissy with me just cause you gave bad advice.

Hey Tau were you at dude?

Hey now... That's Green Tea to you mister!!! If you wanted advice on a Dakar setup you shouldn't have posted asking for advice on trail riding. Granted I've only watched the Dakar on TV by that's not what I would call trail riding. Rock, bigger rock, creek, tree root, 180 degree corner in 10ft, single track uphill with trees on both sides barely wide enough for handle bars to fit through, occasional deer and elk, 0mph to 5mph back to 1mph, then 10mph, it's opening up grab second, brake hard, gun it, grab third, back to second, hard on the brakes, 1st, now 2nd now 3rd, jump, brake, skid, full throttle........

Now that is trail riding!

The Dakar is gear it higher than hell and keep her wide open 90% of the time. Oh, and hope you don't die!!! I see a fellow mxer has lost their life both this year and last. Not sure about years past because I have only seen it this year and last.

Stay safe, 100mph = big trouble when one of those mad cows decides to cross your path.

OK OK The Dakar chirp was really meant JUST for Green T and an unnecessary one at that - But I'm starting to realize that your guys idea of trail riding and ours is a little different and I should have specified. See round here we have such diverse and large open spaces, you can climb a hill and not see anything besides mountains grass rivers and so on. From what you guys are telling me I'm starting to think you have a land issue and you make your trails a little more technical and quicker as in 1,2,3 then 3,2 so I'm guessing you guys don't use top gear very much. Round here our traveling speeds are quite high most of the stuff is done in top end which really gets that heart pumping some adrenalin then all of a sudden a really technical section (with some really demonic river crossings) taking you all the way down to 1st - I'll post some pics for you guys to get an idea. - this thread was not meant to start an argument, more to find info so on that note an apology to Team Green (I suppose you were commenting on what you know) - :thumbsup:

I hate river crossing's, I've only went down one time crossing what I would call a creek not a river but now I always have that doubt in my mind when crossing. The time I did go down it was in December after some heavy rain and the creek was quite a bit deeper and faster than normal. To make it worse it was only about 35 degrees out and I was on a boworred 4 stroke (early 90's) instead of my YZ250 I had at the time. It was only about 12 to 16 inches deep where we were crossing but current was strong. The creek was about 30ft across and both my buddies crossed like it was nothing. I was having another issue with the throttle because it was so cold the throttle was actually starting to freeze with the wind chill factor so it was getting harder and harder to power on when needed. The water was silty so you couldn't see the bottom or obsticles like big rocks that were hiding. Sure enough about 3/4 the way across I hit a big ole rock and it pitched my front wheel to the left and got me in deeper water. The jolt of the rock made me loose my grip on the throttle and I almost came to a complete stop. BAD!!! My hands were cold even with gloves on and I couldn't get that damn throttle to turn enought to get my momentum back. Then it was like super slow motion, the current just pushed me over and I was back paddling to stay afloat. I floated downstream about 20 or 30 feet before I got my balance and stood up. Then I had to try and get the bike back upright with the water rushing over it. That sucked. I looked up at my buddies with the most pitful look I could muster but they weren't coming to help. Thanks!!! Got it up and pushed it across the rest of the way and then wondered how the heck we were going to get it started. Not to mention now I was soaked and it was still only 35 degree out. Luckily trying to kickstart a drown 4 stroke for 20 minutes keeps you plenty warm. The beast came back to life and we headed for the trucks, they were only about 15 minutes away. Good for me because I would have been in serious trouble if I had to ride any longer than that after going for a swim in the middle of winter.

Just did some trailin' on a KX-F and YZ-F...'06.

The X-tra gear, when geared for Off-Road...really makes a difference when you get into, both;

1.The tight-techinical stuff

2. The fast Fire-Road Stuff.

I love the Ergo's and Handling of the Kawi...yet, I prefer the YZ-F gear-box...for off-road.

What gearing did each have? We know the stock kawi is 13-50 is that what you used? Not sure what the stock Yamaha is? I'm sure for the Western US trails you geared it down some.

OK, I picked up my shiny new steed yesterday(bit bummed that it was on a Monday evening), I am very chuffed and excited, but I was a bit supprised at the dealership when I asked for my 14 - 47/48 sprocket kit as we found out that the KX-F cannot take a 14 on the countershaft as there is no space....!!! so what I have done is grabed a 47/44 for the rear the 44 is going to be used on more flat type riding where we can use a bit of top speed. 44 = :bonk: 47 = :thumbsup: but I wonder then, so many have said that they have a 14 on the front - How'd ya do it ? :thumbsup: please let me know a picture would be nice. - Thanks in advance.

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