Biger and Faster 88cc

I have a 2004 crf50 with a Trail bikes 88cc kit with race head and 20mm carb, as well as the TB three speed manual. I have a two brothers pipe also. And a rev box.

My question is how can i get the edge over a bike set up like mine. Is the only option the stocker kits from TB? Or is there a high comp piston or something that will get me a little edge?

Thanks Garrett

inner rotor will help you out alot, make it rev up faster, and rev a little higher

Well it matters how far you will want to go. Like the other guy says inner rotor kit will give you the advantage. Go some where with a dyno and a machine shop. Port and polish your head maybe bigger valves and a bigger carb, or rejet your carb. Do everything on the dyno and the chart will tell you how much power you will gain. The little things give you the advantage. Ultimately riders ability is where it's at. I regulary race at a disadvantage with a 88cc against 110cc and usually win. Practice those corners and take of your bike

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