Aprilia RXV ...Case protection question

Hey has everyone seen this new Enduro from Aprilia?


Pretty awesome bike and I hear its coming to the US soon..

I am very interested in owning this peice of art on wheels but the last thing I want to do is punch a whole it the piece of jewlery they call the engine. My WR250F and most of our bikes have two frame rails under the case which provide good protection without adding anything aftermarket. Well the Aprilia frame does not have these and they rely on what looks like a carbon composite bash guard . I want everyones opinion on how substantial you think this Glide Plate is guarding the equisite engine. Do you think a dumb ass like myself will destroy the bike? I ride trail with what you may call reckless abandon... Well you all know what I mean, I am no "pro" but I race my friends like there is a trophy and a hottie waiting at home for the winner. :bonk:

Other than everything else that could go wrong with a radically new bike with a limited parts supply, What do you think of the case protection? :thumbsup:



How well protected it is will depend on how strong the hard points on the engine are where the bash guard mounts, and on the strength of the guard itself. I could be just fine, though. Our 250 has a pair of CF case guards on it. Junior clipped a rock that was hiding in a bush one day hard enough to knock him off. The rock suffered more damage than the bike did. But it was a very old rock.

how much does that thing weigh it looks pretty nice

Wow, that is the most interesting bike I've ever seen

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