CA cam vs. 49 states

What is the difference in performance, what is the cam doing differently vs. other 49 states?

What is the difference in performance, what is the cam doing differently vs. other 49 states?

well this will be not totatly correct,(because i have not developed a motor and or put a degree wheel on the 450 x's yet :thumbsup: there are not alot of x and wr guys over here and most don't do more than correct their wr cam timing to the yz timing :eek: )

but the cam is on a different lobe center on the 250x's

if i remember correctly it was like a 114 lobe center on exhaust and 113 or so intake,

and the overlap was 10 degreese less and it was alittle shy on lift .( the ignition was alittle differen't for this model also )

this is done to trap cylinder charge and burn it more compleatly and scavendge off the gasses and burn any hc and co for emissions .

most crf 450's and 250 r's

are running lobe centers of 105 to 108 range with more overlap ( the valves stay open longer together )

and more lift with a differen't ignition curve to make more motor over a wider range with out any reguard to exhaust gas emissions.

i hope you can kinda see what i am tring to say ,

and i have not done a 450 x yet cal model or 49 states model yet so this is just a generalazition :p

oh i forgot,----the x models, cal or 49,

seem to really run good way down low in the power ,( like rock crawling and the initial hit like banging over a downed tree or stop and go manuevers ----because of traping the cylinder charge eairler and with less overlap they are smoother and have a better stonger more usable motor in many situation over the r,s )

i have ridden quit afew of these and have started to do some testing on them on just how they feel and i really like them in there element :thumbsup::bonk:

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