New V- twin Husky

I have just seen a report that Cagiva have built and are testing a 250cc twin for use in a 250 MX Husky,- chasing the Aprilia's.

no details as yet, but that would still be a lightweight bike I guess.

what are your thoughts guys, Charlie

I think a twin is cool and has merit - I would like to see one for technologies sake. From what I heard the FIM and the AMA will not allow 2 cylinder engines in MX because of cost - makes not sense to as 4 cylinder street bikes are on are every corner and the industry flaunts FI technology...


I thought Husky was working on a V-twin since late '04, no?

The rumors of the v-twin come and go...we might see something for '07 but it seems unlikely it would be a V-twin 250 mx bike.

My guess is a v-twin adventure bike--but i have no info.

The rumors of the v-twin come and go...we might see something for '07 but it seems unlikely it would be a V-twin 250 mx bike.

My guess is a v-twin adventure bike--but i have no info.

The rumor I heard was the twin was a larger engine too.

Who is at the helm of rumor control?

On the husky usa website under What's New the article about the deal with Proton. If you read the last two paragraphs maybe that's where the rumors are coming from. But these would be high end big bore adventure bikes like the KTM950.

Hi Guys,

the v-twin got a mention in Motor Cycle News- this week -here in the U.K.,

It specifically says 250 motocross engine, but is just a couple of lines amid a column of industry rumours.

I too have previously read discussions about big bore trail/adventure sport bikes, but I think that a 950 for example would be a completely new market for husky, whereas any motocross racer is right on the money, especially with a potential crossover into enduro and Supermoto, as with the Aprilia 450 twin's.

( and yes I am waiting for the jokes about a new Husky with 2 leaky head gaskets!)

I am a little confused as to how there have been so many reported problems with what I assume are fairly established engine parts on the new 610's,

(I havent seen the new motor, but presume it is either an old style single cam head ,or a new type twin cam set up like the 510?), any body know different?,


The 250/450/510 engine family is uneffected. The 610s is a different engine family which a few heads were effected. I don't know if the prblem stems from a machining error or casting error. Casting problems do happen all the time unnoticed until the product gets to the field. Dodge had a whole batch of bad engine a few years ago, Some of Yamaha's R1s and Harley twin-cams leaked oil when new as so on.

To build a KTM950 bike would be cool but very expensive and a financially burden to an already struggling company. I would hate to see this be the end of Husky like the Cannondale did. As for a 250MX bike that simply does not make sense. The piston is already small and efficient and adding another cylinder would add a little power (all up high) but the complexity, weight and expense would not make sense.

MV needs the V-twin for its Cagiva line of street bikes,they currently use Suzuki 650 and 1000 twins and cannot be sold in NA because of supply agreement with Suzuki. I think it will be bigger than 250. An eventual Husky adventure bike would a product of that. It would make more sense to market a new adventure bike as a Husky rather than the a Cagiva, like the old Elefant. Also, the Aprilla twin was designed by the same people as the twin cam Husky who after being layed off in '03 flood, famine, etc. were hired by Aprilla.


However, whether GEVI’s arrival will free up the cash to underwrite Castiglioni’s plans to relaunch the Cagiva marque with a new range of dedicated V-twin engines, which would also power high-end Husqvarna models aimed at the KTM 950 Adventure and Supermoto, remains to be decided.

Cycle News 01/11/06

That is the story here:

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