Mastering the use of front brake

What are some good practice drills that i can do to get better at using the front brake. Using the front brake will definitely make me better and faster in all parts of the track.. I need good practice drills!!! Any ideas?

Disconnect your rear brake....

just use it??..i dunno i use the back brake more to slid the rear end around to square off a turn..but thats my style..just go in hard and just both brakes hard to slow down and turn and gun it..thats prolly your best bet

I don't use the front brake very often. I don't know why, it's just the way I've always done it.



You should use your front brake more than the rear brake i would say.

Front brake IS the key, especially since now with 4strokes you have so much natural engine braking.

I grew up riding desert, so even with the hardpack and loose rocks Ive learned to use it well. Practice I guess..

Any specific drills to practice?

Jon-Paul :thumbsup:

Gary Semics teaches the following braking drill on a safe flat corner with run off space. Place a cone at some point before a corner. Accelerate as hard as you can to the cone, then brake and make the corner. No coasting. This gives you two reference points. A point to accelerate to, and the distance left over for braking. Then move the cone closer to the corner and do the exercise again. You should now be accelerating harder and braking harder than the first time in order to still make your points. Repeat until you can no longer make the corner, then practice that until you finally can.

Sounds like a fun drill.

It is a fun drill. One I always want to get better at. It's good to do on as many different terrains as possible, sand, mud, loam, etc...I need much more practice in sand:)

use cones to set up some braking drills.....that is pretty simple..


#1 Practice doings stoppies. Grab a handfull of front brake in first gear on a reasonably "grippy" surface. Lean forward slightly to lift the back wheel off the ground. Release the front brake before you endo. Try on all surfaces when you're comfortable.

#2 Lock the front up and apply the throttle at the same time. Basically doing a front wheel slide. Keep trying to go further and further with the front brake locked up.

Its amazing how quickly you can slow down with the front brake coming into a corner.

Brakes........I say "ha........we don't need no stink'n brakes!"

JK of course, practice late but harder braking with the cone as suggested. That was a good tip.

I always use an even amount of pressure on both brakes unless I really need to come to a hault then I use the front more. But to me even pressure on both front and rear works best.

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