Questions about 2006 450 (oil/air filter/valves)...

I'm one for easy maintenance, I still have a first year 01 YZ250F, basically all I do is change the oil and clean the air filter. Valves are checked at the end of the season. Plus I have my kids 50cc bikes, yikes. Now I'm looking at moving up to a 450..

1) How easy it to change the oil and oil filter on the new KX450F? Does it take the same oil for the clutch and trans unlike the Honda?

2) How easy it to change the air filter? The bike looks like a Honda with the frame and the filter removal and install of the Honda filter compared to the YZ450 is night and day. So much room on the YZ450F.

3) Any valve issues yet? I know it's not been out long. Season runs March to November. With my YZ250F, I can get through the whole season without checking them and the bike still starts great.


Changing the oil is real easy there is two drain plugs and two bolts that hold on the oil filter cover! The air filter is not bad it is just about the same as the 05 yz450, maybe alittle tighter. Last is the valves I have not had any problems yet but I only have 4 hours on the bike because I live in the same state as you, but there are some guys with 40+ hours on theres and I have not heard of any problems! Hope this helps alittle, I came from the blue bikes and I needed a change and these green 450s are sweet, it was the best change I had done in many years! Also two kicks and she comes to life.

why does it have 2 drain plugs

why does it have 2 drain plugs

I don't know about the KX450F but my Yam 250F has four places you're suppossed to drain the oil. The proven shortcut method cuts it down to only draining two of them.

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