Need link to Icon dealer please

I have seen many references to the bike, but I can't seem to find a dealer site with info. Several of us are looking to buy a mini...just want to do some research. The site seems to be down.

Also considering a Venom, Sdg, Pitster...

I really am looking for a 50 that has just enough mods to make it decent for an adult to ride. Bars, suspension, brakes...don't need tons of power.

Thanks in advance.

dont know much about the icon far as the sdg i would stay away from friends have the sdg and they get to watch more than they get to ride them,always breaking somthing,dont run worth a s**t stay away from the sdg.sdg=crap.the pitster is a good bike good brakes,suspension and powerful reliable motor.pitster is a good choice and much cheaper and better than the sdg.check out the rcm it wont dissapoint.the rcm hands down has the best suspension out there.good strong reliable motor,good brakes,strong frame.cheak the rcm out it is an awsome bike i have the 06 and looking to buy another one this spring awsome bike.the rcm is the best bang for your $$ .check them out. :bonk: ps when in dought pinn it!!!! :thumbsup:

Thx...I'm not up on all these new minibikes. I was gonna buy a crf50 and convert it but that is $1300 + mods...not a sensible option.

What about the SR110DX that is advertised on here on outlaw powersports? I don't wan't superfast...just a mini with a manual clutch that won't break down like some chingling bike...but I guess most of these are kinda Chinese made.

the sr110dx does look decent but looks are deceving.alot of these cheap china bikes are all about looks not crappy motors ect.probibly ok for playing around the yard but not for hard abuse,jumping your $$$$ and buy somthing alot better like rcm,pitster or 110.good luck whatever you when in dought pinn it!!!! :thumbsup:

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