where are the supermotard xr's at?!

Hey all,

Im trying to get an idea of what direction i'd like to go in considering the parts and upgrades of my xr100.

If you have an xr that is set up for supermotard I'd appreciate it if you could describe what you have done(mods) and where you bought your parts.

Also i'd like to hear how you enjoy life on pavement instead of dirt and how your bikes do compared to others.

What I'm looking at right now is a front and rear disc brake set up, with appropriate hubs and wheels and tires.

As far as the motor goes, I would Love to get my hands on a 143cc kit and kitaco inner rotor ignition. but im not made of money so all these things will take a long time.

If you have any experience with any of these ideas or products please put your opinions, likes, dislikes..etc.

It would really help me in what my goal for my xr100 will be.



lots of fun... 143 break a rod after about 50 - 60 hours if you run them hard...

I run drum brakes and a 108 kit... few other mods...

A good rider on a stock 100 will blow away anyone that thinks that trick items are the ticket to the winners circle.

IMHO - spend $600 on American Supercamp and then a little more for a good set of tires and barkbusters.

Get two pylons and set them up about 50yds apart in an empty parking lot - do 25 laps in a figure eight - then 25 laps the other way. Practice the things that Danny will teach you.

Then enter every race that you can afford.

This may sound stupid, but what are "barkbusters"? :thumbsup:

This may sound stupid, but what are "barkbusters"? :thumbsup:

Handguards that wrap around...like all the supermoto guys run. They are originally for woods riding.

That looks like soo much fun there racejmac!

Super MoTodd- thanks for the tip. I can cough*steal*cough a few traffic cones around here easily enough :thumbsup:

So you suggest slicks for the stock rims? and why barkbusters?

CBR264-your bike looks schweet!

keep the thoughts coming people!


updating the suspension springs if you are an adult, join the front frame to the back frame with one of the connecting options available. maybe some taller bars if you don't fit the bike. bigger foot pegs are nice.

if you go with the 80 front wheel if you stick with a 100 series or smaller tire you can squeeze a fork brace in there as well.

if you want to get fancy, maybe a works shock or sending the front forks in to be redone. motor stuff, depends on the racing class and how much you want work on it.

Big +1 on supercamp.

my rider info:

im about 5foot 6in. and i tip the scales(barely) at 125.

is there a featherweight class for me?lol

Oh crap! I forgot to mention that my bike is an '83. aka: dual shocks!!!

is it even worth the trouble?

or does anyone here have a monoshock frame they can sell me so i can bolt on everything that i have onto it and rid myself of the dualshocks.

yeah thats the plan i guess.

I'll keep my eyes out for a monoshock frame and just use what i got and switch it all over to the newer style bike.

How many banks do i need to rob before i have enough to build this thing?!

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