What handguards do you recommend? Any Pics?

Cycra probend racer pack sorry dont have any pics on a school computer.

Enduro engineering, they work good too, I have crashed several times and they took it quite well.



Cycra probend racer pack sorry dont have any pics on a school computer.

Another vote for the Cycra probends. I like them so much I took them off my old bike and put them on the new one. Still work'in great :thumbsup:

I've had good luck with Acerbis.......



:thumbsup: Keeps my hands out of the cactus!

Cycra Probend for me too. Everything fits very well, and they don't look like they would trap you hand, like straight ones would. The plastic parts seemed a little big, so I left them off.

Cycra Probend!!!!!!!!!

How is that computer dobent? Im interested in getting one of them. Where did you get yours? :thumbsup:

Cool. That's the ticket for de-cluttering the cockpit, for sure.

(Edit: the X-specific mounts, I mean)

I love the AceWell, it's only got 4-5 hours on it so far, but has been flawless to date. You can get them through www.electrosport.com, it's a model no. 37/38XX. Doug

Was the computer hard to install..? How did the tachometer hook up? Thanks for all the information.

The computer comes with a good mount, but you've gotta find a switched 12VDC and a constant 12VDC , constant is easy, the battery. Yhe unit itself has no battery. Switched is a little tougher, we wound up using the tail light hot which is constant with no ground until the starter kicks over. My electrical wizard buddies had me do a relay ,which worked like a charm , and I located it in a little flat spot on the rear fender behind the right side cover. We used a Radio Shack standard 12V automotive relay.

If you're thinking of the headlight be careful, it's AC,and the speedo doesn't say whether or not the unit can handle AC.

The tach is really easy, you coil the pick-up wire around the spark plug lead,or attach itto the coil, which I did.

I can provide a diagram that shows the schematic for the relay if you need one. Doug

If you could just show some pictures of what you did.. Like the coil around the plug, the switch you mounted ( the location specificly ) and does the thing have wires going everywhere or are they more concealed? Thanks

Sorry for the topic starter.. Kinda stole your thread.. :thumbsup:

I dont have any pictures at the moment.

There is no switch. Take off your right side cover and look at the fender. There's a little flat area, a relay will fit nicely, but you can put it anywhere you find room or want it at.This is right where I described it on the previous post .

There are wires,one constant has to be run, one switched. They wont be running all over unless you run them that way !

Another one is the tach. simply wrap it around the plug wire, secure it however it will stay and look good, or put it on the coil .

The last one is the ground. Put it wherever you want on the frame.

With any add-on electrical device there is going to be some creativity and customizing involved.

The directions are included and pretty good, take your time and have fun with it. Take off the seat, the right side cover,the headlight,the tank ,and go for it. You'd be surprised how neatly it can all turn out. Doug

thanks for all the info!! :bonk:

Im looking and this seems to be the same computer as the Service Honda computer off their website? Hmm.. How much was it through acewell?

I understand it wont look sloppy depending on the amount of effort put into it, But Ive just seen the trailtech's everywhere and they all look horrible.

So it's either this or the pipe first... tough question... :thumbsup:

You can make yours nice and tidy, just take your time. The Servicw Honda is made entirely for Service by AceWell, it's just got their name stuck on it, it's one of the base models.

It's just like the OEM Australian unit , also made by AceWell, badged as

"Honda". Doug

Alright.. Because i dont need the Nuetral light, turn signal lights, fuel gage, h\l beams, I just need a speedo and tach. But thanks for all the information, again! :thumbsup:

As the others have said, the Cycra's are great but you may also want to check out the Fastway handguards at


The Fastways attach to the Fastway bar clamp vs. the Cycra's that attach to the fork clamp. The Fastways and the Cycra's are similarly priced and both great products. The Fastway shield is much more low profile than the Cycra's.

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