Daddys new ride

I picked up a used Thumpstar last weekend off of craigslist. The guy I bought it from had only ridden it on pavement. It had never been in the dirt.

The bad part is it I had only ridden it 5 or 10 minutes when the preload adjuster on the shock gave out. So now the thing has been sitting all week while I wait for a new shock to arrive.

My next project is to build a track, we have some land and a tractor with a bucket on the front. I can't wait. :thumbsup:

you're gonna love it. the power is great. the suspension is the only weak part on these bikes IMO. i hope you upgraded. i wish i had land for a track. i have access to a tractor but my wife is not too keen on me digging up her 1/4 acre lot of grass and flowers for a mx track.

Yes, I did get an upgraded rear shock. And someone told me that stiffer fork springs for a CRF70 work in the thumpstars forks and make a big difference. I'm about 190lbs. so stiffer forks may be needed. Have you had any reliability issues with yours? I keep hearing things about 3rd gear.

We have around 150 acres, so I have plenty of room to build a track.

i haven't had any probs with 3rd yet but i have only had the bikes for a few months and there is snow on the ground now so i havn't been doing much jumping. you can get replacments for the gears on the omicron site for $59.

i am looking into upgrading the shocks. what shock did you get? you will need to tell me how it works. i have been thinking about getting the 250 lb staggs shock but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

nice choice dude, u'll love the Thump. How old is the bike, looks like an o4 model with the diff engine & frame.

U can get the new 06 put in your gear box as a free replacement from Thumpstar.

I also had new spring put in the front fork which is 100% better and the rebound adjust works!!

See if u can get the 06 thump shock with res, i got the one with out the res and it's great!

have fun with the bike.

I got the thump shock without the res. The shock came in yesterday, so I only have a couple of minutes on it, but I like it so far.

It was sold new in Feb. 05, so I guess it's a 04 model.

What springs did you have installed in your forks?

The guy I talked to at Omicron said if 3rd gear hasn't broken by now, it probably won't.

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