Cheap Excel Wheel Kit for Motocross


I am looking for a complete wheel kit. I want to buy a 19" and 21" wheelkit in black with golden hubs from excel. Do you know where I can get a very cheap offer? Don´t forget, I need a shop, which ships to Europe.

It´s for a Honda CRF 250 R4

Thank you!

Remember, excel hubs are carrier hubs, so you'll need to buy the carriers for the front disc and the rear disc/sprocket.

We also sell:

- Baer wheels

- Talon Hubs

- Hex Hubs (carrier style)

- Eagle Hubs (like the Talon)

Also, the excel/excel set-up is not the least expensive. Give us a call and we can go over your options and answer any question you may have. :thumbsup:

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