what bike for a Yamaha TT600 rider next

Hi all,

My girlfriends dad is 45 and has been riding this monster since 1984 new. he's been eying up a WR450F but has never riding anything newer then his 1984 TT600. i know he is gonna be in for a shock, he is like 5' 11'' 175lbs. great ride just for the last 3 years been saying the bike is just a big fat pig and at 300lbs dry its like 350lbs wet.

he hates radiators because of where we ride and breaking, them he is a hardcore tight woods freak. and at the cost of new bikes today his TT600 was just under 2500 new back in 1984 and still runs great, just to heavy anymore.

i told him a Suzuki DRZ400 would be nice but they are heavy also sorta. i know the new 250F's make as much HP as his 600 does with 1/2 the weight but he wants power and i dont know how to tell someone 2times my age he dont need the power at age 45.

lemme know. ive fallen in loved with big play bikes XR200/CRF230 and only use to ride CR125's :thumbsup:

I think the WR450 would suit him fine, put a pipe on it and go. I think that there are free mods to do to them too, but i am not exactly sure wat they all are. I also believe that the WR's are some of the most reliable bikes out there, besides the XR's

Not many air cooled options. Hes used to tossing alot of weight around, thw WR or CRFX 450 would be perfect. Then of course there is KTMs woods bikes.

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