smog removal kit for 450x

does any body sell such a kit.and with it all removed whats the weight savings. does anybody have pics of the smog removal process and what is needed to be done??

:bonk: Yes. White brothers and Applied both sell a smog block off kit. The White bros kit costs $29.99. I think the Applied is $39.99. No difference they are both red billet plugs. Removing the smog pump takes a few minuets. One plug goes in the air box on the top left side. You remove the bolt on the side of the head which holds the metal tube in place and re-use the o-ring on the metal billet plug. Then pull off the small black plastic hose near the carb on the head. Use a 6mm deep socket to remove the valve near the carb intake and use the screw provided in the kit and plug that hole. Remove the smog pump bracket with the pump and your done. Really easy and makes a huge difference with the bike not backfiring any more. :thumbsup::thumbsup::eek:

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