XR650R swingarm bolt length

Help! :bonk: Can someone please measure the swingarm bolt length for the XR650R from the face of hte bolt head to the end of the bolt? Also is it 20mm diameter or is there a collar that goes in the engine cases?

Need this info ASAP so a courtesy email to jaybo@sandbros.com would be appreciated

Thanks!! :thumbsup:


Just happen to have my bolt laying on the bench! It's 20mm in diameter, no bushings. Length is 263mm (10-5/16") from the flange to the end of the threads. Hope this helps!

Ted K.

Sweet, thanks XRDad :thumbsup:

I need a 20mm about 1" longer than that. I was hoping I could use the stock bolt but that isn't gonna happen. Dangit! :bonk:


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