Canada MX rounds

Did you watch this week when JSR on his slow Honda 2 stroke motored by Huffman on a huge powerful crf450 on a straight away. 2 strokes must be faster in Canada :thumbsup:

Yeah, I saw that too. The 2 and 4 stroke bikes are still very similar in power, JSR just wanted it more I think.

I was surprised to see how many of those Canadians are still riding 2-strokes as compared to the US boys. Interesting.

We'll see how many 2 strokes are out there this coming season though. I hope there will be at least a few. Its nice to see them in front of a 4 stroke.

Those announcers rock. We need them here. Lots of enthusiasm.

Remember, this was last season so that's why you see more use of two-stokes in the big bore class. I know it's outdoors, but these Canada tracks are kinda supercross style with whoops, tight turns and big jumps. Some of these guys are racing supercross this year. Weimer and Willard to name a couple.

Oh yeah, JSR is friggen awesome. He should be back contending in the states.

Yeah, the Canadian tracks are generally more technical than the American tracks. Still though, it's good to see some life still in the smokers.

2 strokes must be faster in Canada

No EPA! :thumbsup:

We didn't adopt the stupid fuel rule that the FIM/AMA did last year. That helps BIG TIME. Still, I'm surprised so many of our guys ride 2 strokes too. I guess training with RC all winter really helped JSR out.

I've watched a couple of them and really enjoy watching it, the tracks are fun to watch and the announcers are excellent. Now if it just wasn't so cold in Canada.

its awesome to see these guys every year at the riverglade national. we go up and make a weekend out of it, the racing is amazing! battles all over the track, and guys like klatt, jsr, ryan sipes a year or two back, willard, keep impressing me more and more. those guys can ride!

Now if it just wasn't so cold in Canada.

I see you're from florida.

:thumbsup: Not all places in canada are cold. It usually depends on the place and time of the year. Right now in Vancouver we havn't really had any snow. One fall that lasted about 2 days and thats it, other than that it's been a very mild winter.

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