Got titatinum?? ISO axles?

I made front and rear axles for a YZ out of TI and I saved a couple ounces including the aluminum axle nut I made. The stock axles are hollow. The linkage bolts are hardened so I stayed away from them.

If I really wanted accomplish something I would quit drinking so much beer.

Velo is right there is a big difference in tire weight and I always put in heavy tubes which weigh alot more.

Those Maxxi tires weigh about 50 pounds each.

Those Maxxi tires weigh about 50 pounds each.

but i lost weight off my knuckles putting the mother****ers on 2 nights ago. :thumbsup::bonk:

well i've seen axle wear,and it didn't take 11,000 miles either. and yes the bearings are greased regularly. anything that slides so easily (axle) through the bearing race/bushing (whatever its called) has to have some clearance tolerance. even though the thing doesn't spin and its tightened in a lateral fashion, its still hammering up and down ever so slightly on the axle. it shows as scuff marks on the top and bottom of the axle (relative to the rotational position of course) i've seen it get so bad you have to hammer the axle out(especially on neglected bikes) i cannot be the only one to have seen this phenomenon. hell you can notice it on my new 05! maybe my big a$$ just rides harder than most :thumbsup:

Or maybe you have the wrong springs in it you big hunk of mountain man.

Brokeback Mountain?

Or maybe you have the wrong springs in it you big hunk of mountain man.

Brokeback Mountain?

i don't wanna have to drive to jersey to kick your a$$,not poke ya in it,,,KICK it :thumbsup:

If I come down to Brokeback Mountain to ride remember I came there to ride not play hide the weiner with you.

You and that big beard will make a nice target for my roost.


You dont want to play games with NCMountainman! He stands tall and carries a 6" diameter log in his hand like a Louisville Slugger! Real nice guy until he is pissed off then lookout for other things being broke back other than the Mountain!!! :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup:

Hey guys,

anyone know who makes, or where i can get titanium axles for my 2004 YZ450F.. Im sure there a ton lighter than stock steel ones.

When I was doing the road race thing I knew a couple of guys who went ahead and spent 2Gs lightening up there rides thru the use of titanium. Both told me that it was a complete waste of $$$. They couldn't even feel it.

On pavement you can make the bike feel much lighter w/ cf rims and a lighter exhaust but the titanium stuff is only for the professionals and the rich.

But on a modern dirt bike, I think you would be much better putting that $ in the bank to save for an '06 cause the factory can and has improved the bike much more than you can.

If you have the $ to spend, buy a new bike. Then do your suspension, tires, bars etc.. Then last a pipe might offer some noticable improvement in weight and power delivery.


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