Dirt Bike Instructional Videos/DVDs?

My wife just started riding on a CRF230. She's never ridden before and shows talent and great enthusiasm.

I've been riding all my life, but I'm self taught and, as it turns out, a lousy teacher.

Can you recommend some instructional videos aimed at beginners?

Thanks, 4Takt

Not a video, but your local Honda shop should have a Beginning Riders course for off-road. :thumbsup: Best money spent for my kid, sorry haven't taken the adult.

Mcgrath has a very basic video that will help, there is a little more to than she will need to know to learn but it will help tremendously, he talk about things you and dont even think about when trying to teach our spouses.

it helped us out alot as i to was a lousy teacher :thumbsup:

Jeremy Mcgrath: Techniques of a Champion

Thumper Racing in TX used to carry the series featuring Dick Burleson. even the advanced tape is oriented to the novice. That's wehre I bought mine for my son.

I hear ya about teaching your wife; I tried to teach mine to ski on our honeymoon...

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